We periodically run group coaching programmes. Most recently, we launched The Powerful Women’s Leading from Wisdom Programme, a six month live online group coaching programme designed to support busy women to access a solid foundation of wellbeing and potential from which they are able to create their vision in the world.



We periodically run online courses to work with individuals on a group basis. 

To give an example of one of our online courses, Thriving as a Lawyer covers the most common challenges lawyers face to help them thrive without compromising their wellbeing. 



We are certified executive coaches who have been mentored by with world leaders in human potential and have hundreds of hours of coaching experience.

We have been coaching professionals at all levels of seniority since 2013 and, as lawyers ourselves, are very familiar with the demands of a legal career and the typical issues faced. 

For more information on our coaching packages, please contact us at info@beinglawyers.com to arrange a no obligation consultation. 


If you have further topics or challenges you would like us to cover in the future, please share your ideas with us.