Mental Health Awareness Week 2019


A New Paradigm for Mental Health

The buzz around Mental Health Awareness Week ("MHAW") is here and the theme for 2019 is body image – how we think and feel about our bodies. 

Each year an increasing number of wellbeing events are held for MHAW and this year is no different. It is becoming a fixture in all of our calendars and it is truly heartening to see the sea change that is happening to raise awareness of one of the most important conversations we could be having. There is still so much more to be done though in the area of bringing sustainable solutions to those in need. 

We, at Being Lawyers, bring a fresh perspective to the conversation. The current paradigm is one in which people that have a mental ill health diagnosis (including issues such as anxiety and eating disorders) are in some way 'broken' and need fixing. In this paradigm, we need to delve into our past and deploy coping strategies in order to improve and be OK.

But what if this paradigm was based on innocent misunderstandings? What if those with mental ill health diagnoses may, just like all of us, draw on innate resources in order to be OK by simply looking in a different direction? 

The new paradigm points to the fact that nobody is broken. Every single one of us is born with innate mental health and it cannot be corrupted. Our mental health and wellbeing is available to us at all times on the inside (even when it does not feel like it is there).

When we break down misconceptions and misunderstandings, we discover true mental health and wellbeing. It is not possible to understand it through the use of our intellect (try as we might as lawyers!). We can only experience it by gaining insights for ourselves. 

There is a space of pure silent awareness and wisdom within us that is free from the contamination of our personal thinking, from which things take form (some of us know it as the quiet mind that arises when meditating, when we are in nature or even when they are working in a flow-like way in the office). It is the 'being' part of human beings. It behooves us to see the truth of this formless space within us as when we do, we discover the source of our power. It allows us to be free of wherever our psychology may be in a particular moment and wake up to the now.

Being able to access this at will is profound, transformative and life-changing. 

We help people experience this for themselves so that they can see that their wellbeing is a constant that can never be lost, no matter what circumstances they may be up against. We have the events below coming up and would love you to join us in looking in this different direction. 

Wellbeing at Work Series

We are delighted to launch our monthly Wellbeing at Work Series which is kindly being sponsored by Chambers and Partners during MHAW. Being Lawyers is collaborating with the Wisdom and Wellbeing Consultancy to offer an education designed to give people a strong foundation of wellbeing. We will be delivering monthly interactive talks, educating and sharing personal stories on a range of topics relating to how wellbeing works: including stress, resilience, work-life balance, handling 'difficult' colleagues and a fresh look at depression and anxiety. 

Our event on 16 May at 7pm sold out quickly. There are however still tickets for our next event on 10 June at 6pm. You can register here

We will be inviting professionals to look towards a new paradigm of wellbeing. One that is easier, more effortless, and perhaps more importantly, more human!

Let's Talk About Mental Health and Wellbeing Webinar

To mark MHAW, we will be holding a free webinar  on Wednesday 15 May at 7pm open to all to learn how to improve your wellbeing and fulfil your potential. If you would like to join us, please register here.

Uncovering Your Natural Wellbeing

To keep the conversation alive following MHAW, we are holding a one day seminar on 8 June at etc venues, 51-53 The Hatton, Farringdon.  

Experiencing true wellbeing does not come through hard work and will-power. Understanding the mechanics of how it works and what gets in the way is life-changing because it enables you to experience more ease in life and perform at your best more of the time.

The seminar is an opportunity to uncover your natural wellbeing and reap the benefits that effortlessly follow from this. You can register here.