Thriving as a Lawyer

Commences Tuesday, 3rd October 2017 / 7-8pm

A five part online course that addresses the top challenges faced by lawyers today including stress, burnout and work-life balance.

The intention of the course is to leave participants experiencing less stress, more resilience, improved productivity, enhanced communication skills and increased all round performance.

This course is aimed at trainees and lawyers up to 5 years PQE as it takes into account the feedback from the participants of the JLD Survey conducted in April 2017. However it will be of benefit to lawyers of all qualification levels. Other professionals experiencing challenges similar to lawyers will also benefit from the course.


Week One - 3rd October, 2017, 7-8pm

Stress: the insurmountable enemy or all in our mind?*

The course kicks off looking at stress and its root cause. We will start to explore the fundamental principles behind how our minds work. Understanding these principles gives us access to reducing both the amount of stress we experience  and our risk of burnout.


Week Two - 10th October, 2017, 7-8pm

The myth of “work-life balance”*

This session will pick up on the principles introduced in the first week to explore new ways of dealing with a heavy workload and cast a new light on the concept of achieving balance in your life.

Week Three - 17th October, 2017, 7-8pm

"Those difficult people" and how to deal with them*

Perhaps the most challenging but also the most rewarding session, you will discover new ways of dealing with all of those difficult people in your life so that you experience more effective communication and better relationships all round. 


Week Four - 24th October, 2017, 7-8pm


This session will help you develop your own authentic and unique style as a lawyer rather than constantly trying to "fit the mould" of who you think you need to be so that you have the confidence to stand out amongst your peers in a way that is true to you. 

Week Five - 31st October, 2017, 7-8pm

live coaching session

An opportunity to bring any unanswered questions to the call. We will have an opportunity to further explore unlocking our full potential to perform at our best. Participants will be coached around the real issues they are dealing with and we will wrap up the course.




Course Details

Several days before each of the first four sessions, you will be sent a recorded audio file presented by Being Lawyers on the upcoming topic of the week. You should listen to the audio before attending each week's live session, which will provide the participants with an opportunity to discuss any issues or questions raised and go deeper into that topic.

*Attendance at sessions 1-4 inclusive, and listening to the corresponding audios, is necessary in order to benefit from the intended outcomes of the course. You will gain an understanding of your mind that will deepen each week and this understanding will be applied in turn to the different topics set out above. 

Investment:  £147


If you are interested in future online courses, please contact us to be notified of them. 



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