World Mental Health Day is a perfect opportunity to not only raise awareness of mental ill health issues but to also explore solutions for improving our mental health and wellbeing. It is encouraging and hopeful to see more and more being done by organisations in this area.

According to WHO, half of all mental illness begins by the age of 14 and there is a growing recognition of the importance of teaching them about resilience to ensure they have all they need to be able to deal with any challenges they face. It seems to me that the statistics are getting worse and the current paradigm for treating mental illness is not working effectively.

A new paradigm is, however, both necessary and available. What if it was possible for us to all have access to a natural state of mental wellbeing through a clear mind? What if understanding this was critical to us being able to withstand challenges that came our way? And what if, in turn, this would reduce the levels of chronic mental stress that we are experiencing?

Every human being is sitting in the middle of mental health - they just don’t know it
— Sydney Banks

We are all born with mental wellbeing, resilience and innate health is something that we can sustain throughout life as it is our natural state. Having a deep understanding of accessing this is all that is needed in order to improve our mental health in a real and sustainable way.

We all have mental health and are at different points on a broad spectrum ranging from a thriving, clear, mentally healthy mind, right the way through to one who has been diagnosed with a serious mental illness.

When we have a clear mind, we are able to access our inner GPS. The wisdom we are given is unique to us and the situation we are in and guides us perfectly to take whatever steps are necessary to look after our wellbeing in that moment to be able to thrive.

Following somebody else’s ideas and techniques on improving wellbeing is a bit like taking medicine from somebody else’s cabinet. It is also innocent and natural that we would do this if we do not know that we have our own medicine cabinet and have never been shown how to access our own. But when we are shown, it is not only freeing to know you are no longer dependent on others to stay well, it is infinitely more relevant to you. When we see the impact of this, it no longer makes sense to depend upon the medicine being used by others.

In case you are wondering why it is that we do not experience more of this natural state of mental being, this is a valid and worthwhile question. There is something that can make us feel like we do not have it, which can stand in the way of us experiencing more of it, and it is not our external circumstances, as we often believe it to be.

Beyond World Mental Health Day 2018

We are holding a complimentary one hour webinar on “Accessing our Natural State of Mental Wellbeing” at 5pm UK time on Thursday 1st November to explore this further and to keep the conversation going beyond World Mental Health Day.

Please note registration for this webinar has now closed.



Hear Lauren Giblin talk about falling ill with depression as a lawyer. She talks candidly about dealing with her brain "shutting down" overnight, as well as self-harming and suicidal tendencies and her way out of the depression.

Hear Poppy Jaman, former CEO of Mental Health First Aid, speak to us about courses run by MHFA. Poppy speaks about creating an open culture at work and how enabling a healthy workforce makes good business sense. She shared an inspiring message that if everyone were mental health literate and felt confident to have an open conversation about mental health, we could change society.