About Us

Chetna Bhatt, Co-founder

Chetna is a certified executive coach and a part-time employment lawyer. Having qualified in private practice in 2005, she is currently in-house. 

Chetna is passionate about human potential. She has been working with organisations and professionals locally and abroad since 2013 to access elevated levels of wellbeing, performance and leadership. through an understanding of the workings of the mind.

Committed to transforming the wellbeing of lawyers, Chetna has collaborated with the Law Society to hold conferences. Having herself suffered from and then thrived in the face of a chronic illness (ME/CFS), Chetna attributes her full recovery to the understanding she shares in her work. 


Lauren Giblin, Co-founder

Lauren is a certified executive coach and has been working with leaders since 2013. She spent her ten year legal career at a Magic Circle firm, primarily as a banking lawyer, until she left the law to pursue her interests in wellbeing, mental health and human potential. 

This was a natural career progression for Lauren, who has herself suffered from depression and received both traditional and alternative therapies as treatment. She credits self-awareness and the power and simplicity of understanding how the mind works as the key factors in her recovery and growth process. 

Lauren is currently on maternity leave.