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Workshops, Seminars and Talks

We offer a variety of services to law firms and other professional organisations ranging from lunchtime sessions (including at team away days) to one day seminars.

Our sessions apply to professionals and support staff alike and cater for all levels of seniority. 

We tailor the content of our work so that we directly address the issues your business is dealing with, be that high stress levels, low engagement and/or relationship building.

We offer a no-obligation complementary initial consultation to discuss these issues and then propose services to meet your needs. 

Please contact us to set up a consultation to discuss how we may serve your organisation. 

Executive Coaching

We offer coaching packages to individuals and groups and agree individual training outcomes at the outset. 

We are experienced certified executive coaches and have been coaching lawyers and other professionals at all levels of seniority since 2013.

If you are interested to find out how we could serve your organisations with either individual or group coaching, please contact us to discuss opportunities further.

Wellbeing Programmes 

Our Wellbeing Ambassador Programme (WAP) is an advanced coaching and training course designed for individuals to become Wellbeing Ambassadors (WAs) in an organisation to improve their wellbeing, resilience and potential and to be able to support fellow employees with their wellbeing on an ongoing basis.

We tailor the structure and content of the WAP to match business objectives. However, it typically includes WAs undertaking at least (i) a two day advanced course off-site (ii) one to one coaching and (iii) peer learning sessions. The WAP is led by Chetna and her team of experienced facilitators.

WAs undertaking the WAP are introduced to a cutting edge approach to sustainable wellbeing and benefit from transformative personal and professional insights and become role models to others. For further details, please contact us.

Evaluation of wellbeing programmes

In order to measure the effectiveness of our wellbeing programmes and gather empirical data, we have various evaluation surveys which we use before and after programmes to measure changes in participants' mindset and behaviours.

We share the raw data with clients and can also share the data in the form of a report prepared by an experienced evaluator as an add on option to one of our programmes. To learn more, please contact us.