The POWERFUL Women’s

Leading from Wisdom Programme

Commences Thursday, 24th January 2018 / 7.30 - 9.30PM

A six month live online group coaching programme to support women in having a solid foundation of wellbeing and potential.

Kicking off in the new year, The Powerful Women’s Leading from Wisdom Programme is designed to bring together dynamic powerful women, from different backgrounds, to connect and inspire each other into bringing into being their visions in the world.

The intention of the programme is to support participants uncover their own deeper peace of mind, true wellbeing and psychological freedom. With a more deeply grounded understanding of the way in which our minds work, we pave the way for an easier experience of life and access to our infinite creative potential. The more aware we become of the potential that is naturally available to us, the better equipped we are to draw on it to navigate external circumstances with a grace and an ease.


We will meet online once a month over a period of six months for live group coaching sessions. You will be coached directly and indirectly. One of the many benefits to group coaching is that you will be able to gain access to fresh insights even when you are not on the “hot seat” and others are being coached.

Participants will be invited to create their vision for the programme and will then receive support and guidance with each step from the group,

You can treat our calls like a spa for the mind. You will be invited to bring your authentic selves to them. Whatever you may be experiencing, you will have the space to both share and gain fresh insights. Chetna will guide you through each of the topics. She will share an understanding of the mind as the bedrock for each topic for you to in turn see how it applies to your own life.

We are limiting spaces on the programme to eight women to ensure a small group size.


Monthly online calls

We will meet online over Zoom on the following dates:

  • Thursday 24 January 2019, 7.30PM - 9.30PM*

  • Thursday 21st February 2019, 7.30PM - 9.00PM

  • Thursday 21st March 2019, 7.30PM - 9.00PM

  • Thursday 18th April 2019, 7.30PM - 9.00PM

  • Thursday 23rd May 2019, 7.30PM - 9.00PM

  • Thursday 20th June 2019, 7.30PM - 9.00PM

*Please note our first call is an extended call. All calls will be recorded in the event participants miss any calls and/or wish to re-play recordings in their own time.

Unlimited emails

Between calls, you will be supported over email with any questions you may have.


We will approach topics with the game-changing foundation to being able to access our wellbeing and potential at all times; an understanding of how the mind works. We will not be adding to the participants’ long to-do lists. We will strip back what stands in the way of us being able to access our ever-present wisdom more readily so that we can access our own ready-made solutions at will.

We will spend a period of six months exploring the following impactful and transformative topics:


Living life with an understanding of the inside-out nature of the human experience has the very practical effect of being able to access wellbeing irrespective of our external circumstances and to be able to navigate whatever challenges we may be dealing with an ease. Participants will start to see the far reaching implications of having this understanding.


Uncovering the true source of our peace of mind makes all the difference to our wellbeing and potential.

Only once we see for ourselves the source of our deeper peace of mind are we able to access it at will so that we can experience more of it on a day to day basis.


We will explore how we can draw on our full potential and the impact of accessing a clear mind to improve our productivity, ability to connect with others and to move in the direction of what we would love to create in the world.


A distinction will be made between wellbeing as a state of being and wellbeing as an absence of any pain and symptoms that we may be experiencing. Participants will start to see how a greater awareness of the former enables us to bounce back quicker from setbacks.


Probably the most common challenge clients come to us with relate to the huge demands placed on them. Participants will have the opportunity to understand the work-life balance concept better and see the invisible variable that determines our capability to prioritise a busy to-do list.


There will be a further opportunity to bring any unanswered questions to the final call. Participants will be coached around any issues they may be dealing with and we will wrap up all of the topics and the group programme.


Your investment for the six month programme is £1500.


If you have any unanswered questions, please email us and we will come back to you as soon as possible.

Please note registration has now closed for this programme.


Group Programme’s Terms and Conditions

By completing your purchase, you agree to the following terms and conditions (the Agreement).

In this Agreement, references to:
(a) Being Lawyers includes the partnership, the business and all its partners and representatives from time to time;
(b) Programme mean the particular Being Lawyers programme that you are participating in;
(c) Materials means all materials, presented written or orally, in relation to the Programme.

Registration and Refund Policy
Your registration applies to the specific group programme on the dates you have chosen. All payments are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Important Health Information and Participant Representations
You are responsible for your participation in the Programme and for your own health and wellbeing at all times prior to, during and after your participation in the Programme. The Programme is not intended as a treatment for any mental health illness. If you are suffering from, potentially suffering from or are at risk of suffering from a mental health illness, it is advisable that you do not participate in the Programme. If you are uncertain about whether you should participate, you should seek the advice of a mental health professional.
You represent that:
(a) you are not participating in the Programme to handle any physical, mental or emotional problems and you fully understand that no portion of the Programme is delivered or supervised by health professionals;
(b) you know of no reason that you should not participate in the Programme; and
(c) you have considered the nature of the Programme and have voluntarily chosen to participate.
You agree that you are responsible for your own participation in the Programme and for your own physical, mental and emotional well being.

We regard confidentiality to be of the utmost importance. You agree that:
(a) you will not in any way record all or any part of the Programme; and
(b) you will not disclose any information about the participants in the Programme including but not limited to their identity or actual or paraphrased comments.
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(d) not to assist another to do any of the above.
This includes, for example, sharing a resources link or recordings of calls that have only been made available for the participants on the Programme.

Consent to Recording
You consent to the calls on the Programme being recorded by Being Lawyers for internal use and to share with the participants on the Programme. Being Lawyers may refer to the calls for internal research and development of its products up to a maximum period of 6 months following the completion of the Programme.

The failure of Being Lawyers to enforce any of its rights shall not be construed as a waiver of any of its rights at any time thereafter. If any part or parts of this Agreement shall be deemed invalid or unenforceable, then that part or parts shall be deemed severed from this Agreement and such severance shall not have any effect on the remaining portions of the Agreement.
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