The success of a law firm lies in the wellbeing of its lawyers. 


Wellbeing means having a solid foundation of emotional and mental health.
It enables high achievers to perform
consistently at the top of their game, regardless of their workload and the demands being placed on them.
With an increase in performance and a reduction in stress, investing in wellbeing directly impacts your organisation's bottom line. 

As qualified coaches and solicitors, we understand the demands in law and meet the need for lawyers to realise their potential with less stress and more resilience. 

We guide lawyers to a balanced and elevated state of mind where they are able to work effectively, efficiently and effortlessly at the high standards expected of them and without the risk of burnout.

It is well known that the legal profession is a hotbed of stress, burnout and mental ill health. 

Our approach brings the paradigm shift that so many lawyers have been seeking out. It works because it eliminates stress at its source and shows lawyers the path to a consistent and sustainable state of wellbeing. 

Most wellbeing solutions are designed to treat the symptoms of stress. So often, lawyers are given long “to do” lists to take care of their wellbeing - including the use of sleep and meditation apps, healthy diets and exercise regimes.

Whilst all of these are valid coping strategies, we recognise that for busy lawyers coping strategies are not always realistic. It is hard to fit them into an already packed schedule, they can take a lot of effort to do and they are usually the first things to be dropped as soon as the billable hours start to ramp up. 

Our work makes it possible for lawyers to work long hours, maintain a state of wellbeing and productivity and focus all their mental capacity on delivering exceptional and effortless results for their clients. 

The business case for investing in wellbeing.

        A solid foundation of emotional and mental health

  • The mind takes on a new level of clarity and focus. Intellect, innovation and attention to detail come alive.
  • Results flow effortlessly as effectiveness and efficiency increase. 
  • With a balanced, elevated state of mind, lawyers go about life with ease and self-assuredness, whatever circumstances they find themselves in. 
  • Stress dissipates and is replaced by a consistently more positive mood.
  • Relationships improve due to individuals taking on more personal responsibility and communicating clearly and openly. 





leads to...

        a clear and direct impact on the bottom line

  • Performance and productivity escalate with an increase in focus and efficiency.
  • Client service takes on a new level of impeccability. Work is delivered accurately, on time and within budget. 
  • Resilience is a natural by-product of wellbeing and lawyers find themselves riding the wave of challenge and change. 
  • Absenteeism, presenteeism and employee turnover reduce and job satisfaction skyrockets. 
  • Workplace conflict disappears and is replaced by seamless teamwork.