An Introduction to Our Work

Think of a computer operating system. Brand new, its performance is fast and responsive. As time goes on and it needs updates and anti—virus software, its performance becomes sluggish and it struggles to perform at a consistently high level. At its worst, it crashes.

Now think of your mind as your operating system. By having an understanding of how it works, you know which updates to download and wipe any viruses as they appear, keeping it in top condition and working perfectly.

Lawyers' wellbeing - an insurmountable problem?

When people perceive stress as coming from the circumstances they find themselves in - long hours, demanding clients and billing targets are the three most commonly cited causes of stress for lawyers - there are only two options available:

1. use coping strategies such as better sleep, exercise and meditation to reduce the symptoms of stress. However this solution is not always realistic since lawyers often drop these as soon as they become busy; or 

2. seek to eliminate stress by removing the factors that seem to cause it. For an employee, that could mean changing job. For an employer, reducing a lawyer’s long hours in an attempt to eliminate stress, could for example, require hiring more staff to enable them to do less work. 

Employees can feel like they have a job on top of a job just to stay well, and it is not always reasonably practicable to change a job. 

Employers are left with neither of the options above providing a long lasting, financially viable or cost effective solution, The issue of wellbeing for lawyers seems to be an insurmountable problem. 

Bringing a fresh perspective


Our work is less of a 'doing' and more of a 'being', hence our name 'Being Lawyers'. 

Our work reveals a fundamental truth about the true source of stress being created by our state of mind in the moment, rather than by our external circumstances. 

We bring an understanding of how the mind works so that lawyers start to see that stress is less of an insurmountable problem and more of an optional experience. 

They discover that a solid foundation of emotional and mental health is actually built into their minds already. 

We will show you how to use this understanding to access heightened mental clarity, less stress and increased resilience at any time.

You will see how this solid foundation of emotional and mental health is always available to you. 

Simple, sustainable and economical


Understanding the workings of the mind provides a solution that is simple, sustainable and economical.

  • It is simple: there are no new skills to acquire. There is no “to do” list to fit into an already busy schedule. We learn by insights and so we gain a new perspective and fresh thinking. 
  • It is sustainable: it allows us to unlock our full potential which is by its nature infinite, expansive and always present. 
  • It is economical: every person has free access to it today. It is capable of eliminating stress at its source, so there ends up being no need to treat the symptoms or bear the costs associated with stress and the more serious conditions it can lead to. 

Innate wellbeing, resilience, high performance, engagement and strong leadership are all a natural by-product of the understanding we share in our work.